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PaKachele Primary School

Brief background of PaKachele school

A bit about the name: Kachele is a very big tree in the family of figs.  Because it grows so big, humans hardly get to eat the fruit, hence it is a haven for all species of birds that congregate in the tree (no fighting) to enjoy the fruit.  But for humans it is appreciated for its shade. “Pa” means “under”.  So PaKachele means Under the Kachele Tree.  This name was chosen because, just as all sorts of birds congregate in the tree, so also our school accepts any child that needs assistance regardless of colour, religion, tribe etc.  To the children, parents/guardians, the school provides (cool shade) relief.  The school is a haven for the children.

PaKachele Primary School, just like Kondwa Centre is none profit, none governmental organization, set up on 24th February 2010 to help the orphans and vulnerable children in Ng’ombe compound.  The School is located in Foxdale, Zambezi road, Lusaka.  It is a scaling up to Kondwa Day Centre for Orphans. After the children “graduate” from Early Learning at Kondwa Centre, they go to Grade 1 at PaKachele Primary School which runs up to Grade 7.


  • To offer primary education
  • To provide nourishing meals (breakfast and lunch)
  • To provide psychosocial care and support
  • To provide counselling services
  • To provide spiritual guidance
  • To promote Memory Approaches (a tool to help the children and their parents/guardians deal with loss, grief and transition; hence build resilience
  • To generally try to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Ng’ombe
  • From 2010 when we first opened Pakachele Community School we have in 2019 reached Grade 9 and we are registered as Examinations Centre for both Grade 7 and Grade 9
  • Our passrate is very good ranging between 95% and 98% for both Grades 7 and 9
  • In 2019, we were the frist Community School to produce a candidate for a Technical School in Grade 8
Our Motto

Be a Light in the Dark, a Hope for a Better Future

Our Mission
  • To give holistic education
  • To create an enabling environment of order, truth and concern where children of diverse economic and cultural background learn to live and work together in harmony
  • To be a strong bridge between Early Learning and Secondary Education (Higher Education)
Our Core Values
  • Child service: We understand that we exist to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Working together to deliver our best service
  • Demonstrate team work and continuous improvement